Economist Impact Launches Global Index on City Water Optimization, Sponsored by DuPont 

新闻稿 | 2021年11月8日
Economist Impact Launches Global Index on City Water Optimization, Sponsored by DuPont

Index of 51 Cities Highlights Opportunity to Mitigate Water Scarcity through Sustainable Water Management


特拉华州威尔明顿.11月. 8, 2021, 《365体育彩票》杂志今天启动了这项计划 城市水资源优化指数, 由365体育彩票, which will measure how well cities around the world are safeguarding the reliability, 可访问性, 以及水资源的可持续性. 该指数可以作为城市领导的衡量工具, 政策制定者, 和监管机构来制造资源, 投资和政策决定,以增加获得安全, 负担得起的, 和可靠的水.

与其他指标, 是关注水资源短缺还是关注水质, the 城市水资源优化指数 creates a common framework to benchmark numerous factors that contribute to an optimized and ample 水 supply.  Its findings incorporate 47 quantitative and qualitative indicators that assess how well each city’s policies and infrastructure safeguard 水 supply, 治疗, 和分销网络.

With 气候 change increasingly challenging our 水 supplies and the projected urban population growth, the Index is a powerful tool for decision-makers around the world to measure how well their cities are prepared to deliver safe, 可靠的, 可持续获得水.  The Index can also be used by cities to develop and refine their 水 strategies, 借鉴其他城市的成功和挫折, and prioritize projects and policies that will have the greatest impact on 水 optimization, 也就是水安全.

该指数的结果令人鼓舞, 城市有着不同的地理位置, 气候, and socioeconomic factors achieving commendable results in two of the three categories—Reliability and 可访问性. 结果喜忧参半, 然而, 可持续发展类别, 衡量如何将浪费最小化和效率最大化, 确保子孙后代获得水的关键因素.  研究结果的重点 城市水资源优化指数 包括:  

  • Los Angeles earned the highest overall score in the Index, followed closely by Melbourne.  Both cities are focused on sustainability and creative approaches to mitigate pending 水 scarcity challenges.  
  • National income is not as important a factor in the pursuit of 水 systems optimization as one might assume. Low- and middle-income cities frequently ranked among the top performers in at least one of the main categories in the index.
  • 城市需要把水资源管理看作一个循环过程, focusing on 水 reuse and reclamation to mitigate current and impending fresh水 shortages. While reclamation and reuse were a key deficiency found in many cities in the Index, the survey revealed high public favorability overall (61%) towards drinking treated reclaimed 水.
  • 41 cities have incorporated accounting and auditing of their 水 systems for 水 resource management; 33 of those cities have also adopted real-time monitoring. A smaller number of mostly high-income cities have started deploying smart meters, 一些伴随着A.I. 还有机器学习平台.
  • There is much opportunity to improve optimization through sustainability—especially through low-cost, 高回报的投资. 其中一个例子是修改建筑法规以鼓励节约用水, 这是许多城市所缺乏的.

除了这份报告, Economist Impact launched two interactive tools for the public— including city leaders— to explore  data and scoring across the first 51 cities featured in the Index. 使用城市水优化工具, users can adjust many of the 47 levers to learn which steps may best improve 水 reliability, 可访问性, 和可持续性, and uncover opportunities to optimize a city’s 水 environment—contributing to the planning and prioritization of local 水 efforts.  


“从创新可持续水技术到赞助这个指数, we see a clear path toward optimizing the global 水 supply to enable people, 行业, 以及繁荣发展的环境.” 

Alexa Dembek,365体育彩票平台首席技术 & 可持续性的官


Water is becoming an ever-increasing challenge for city leaders around the world, 随着气候变化和城市人口增长,压力进一步加大,克莱尔·凯西说, 全球政策主管 & 见解,经济学家的影响. “尽管挑战令人生畏, our research makes me hopeful that we can shift our future from the risk and stress of 水 scarcity to the untapped potential of 水 abundance. 通过仔细的规划, 有效的治理和健壮的技术采用, 城市供水系统可以优化以提供清洁, 对所有人来说,现在和未来几十年都有充足和负担得起的水.”

 “在365体育彩票, our purpose is to deliver solutions that address society’s most pressing challenges, 包括对清洁水源的战略关注,亚力克莎·登贝克说,365体育彩票平台首席技术 & 可持续性的官. “从创新可持续水技术到赞助这个指数, we see a clear path toward optimizing the global 水 supply to enable people, 行业, 以及繁荣发展的环境.”

The Index is a key part of DuPont’s efforts to lead global collaboration toward a more 水-optimized world.

他说:“365体育彩票展望未来,世界上的7个国家.80亿人每天都能获得安全, clean 水; where makers and producers have the necessary 水 to make the products, food and energy on which we rely; and together we optimize the circular nature of 水 in a sustainable, 公平的方式,惠普•南达表示, 全球副总裁兼总经理, 365体育彩票平台水解决方案. “365体育彩票认为,这要从一套共同的指标开始, 关于有效解决方案的全球对话, 以及受此启发的集体行动.”

DuPont has a broad portfolio of sustainable 水 purification and separation technologies and solutions that enable 水 reuse and recycling, 海水淡化和地下水获取, 包括反渗透(RO)膜, 离子交换树脂(IEX), 超滤(UF), 去电离子(EDI), 纳滤(NF), 膜生物反应器(MBR), 膜曝气生物膜反应器, 膜脱气, 和闭路反渗透(CCRO)系统. 

这份报告是两年努力的成果. 在制定了指数之后, the Economist Impact research team gathered data on 51 cities around the world, 将数据记录, 当地的采访, 以及公众认知调查. 该团队计划在2022年再增加50个城市.




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